Water Education For Kids

Early Childhood

The Environmental Education team has comprised a range of resources to compliment the Little Green Steps Early Childhood Environmental Education Program. These resource were developed specifically to address water conservation on the Central Coast.

Dr Hydro

Dr Hydro

Designed for early childhood, Dr. Hydro and Whizzy the Waterdrop will take you on a journey through the water supply cycle and show you a special magic trick!


Child Care Centre Water Audit

Is your Child Care Centre losing water?

The Central Coast has over 100 child care centres and each of these use large amounts of water in their day to day operations. Receiving a water notice provides your center with information about how much water you have used and the costs, but it doesn’t provide you with any temporal data or identify leaks and wastage. Understanding how your centre uses water has multiple benefits for the community, environment, and your finances. Has your centre ever considered how it can reduce its water use?

Child Care Centre Water Audit

Central Coast Council is proud to offer a free water efficiency program to local child care centres as part of our water conservation education program. This offer provides the following services to better understand your water use.

  • Data logger installation for up to two months.
  • Water Audit conducted by a certified plumber
  • Report generated with a recommendation of water efficiency

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this offer your centre must meet the following criteria:

  • Located on the Central Coast
  • Water meter is not shared with other businesses

What are the potential benefits?

  • Detecting leaks
  • Inventory of water amenities
  • Lower water bill
  • Lower sewage bill

How to be involved?


After The Drain Book

Hello, I’m your Loo. I’m going to tell you a story about what happens to the water when you flush or use the sink. You’ll be quite surprised, it may not go where you think! 

Before The Glass Book

Come with me and I’ll show you all I’ve learnt about how water makes it from the sky to your glass. We’ll see where the water comes from, how it is cleaned and how it makes its way to our homes, businesses and schools – everywhere with water. It’s quite an adventure.

The Story of a Raindrop Book

Join Florence the raindrop on her journey from the land to the sky and back again. You’ll meet Florence’s friends like Sparky the sun and Lily the plant as she takes us on an adventure through the natural water cycle.

Water For Life Book

Come and meet someone I know who hasn’t been feeling too well. He has a story to tell about why it’s important for us to drink plenty of water.

My Whizzy Water Book

A fun activity booklet to help us learn about the importance of water and how to save it.

Early Childhood Water Conservation Brochure


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