How much water does a tap use per minute? 

A water-saving tap uses 5 litres of water in one minute, while a non water-saving tap uses 10 litres.

Are tap aerators expensive?

No. Flow-controlled aerators for taps are inexpensive and can reduce water flow over 80 per cent.

How can I ensure hot water comes out the tap straight away?

Insulate hot water pipes, this avoids wasting water while waiting for hot water to flow through and saves energy.

What does a ‘3-star water efficiency rating’ mean?

The “star” rating replaces the old triple “A” rating and is an easy way to tell how water efficient a product is. The more stars a product has, the less water it uses. When you buy an appliance look for a sticker showing the star rating. 

A 3-star showerhead allows flows of 9 litres per min or less when showering.

How can I save water while shaving?

Don’t rinse your razor under a running tap. Filling the basin with a little warm water is just as effective and less wasteful.

I have a single-flush toilet. Can I make it more water efficient without replacing it?

Some single flush toilets can be made more water efficient by installing a cistern weight or by adjusting the float valve.  

A cistern weight will increase your toilet’s water efficiency but you will still use more water than a 4-star water efficient dual flush toilet.

Which type of washing machine is the most water efficient?

Front-end loaders are generally more water efficient than top loaders.


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