Water Tanks

Water tanks

Rainwater tanks save water and the environment. Tanks are easy to use and available in styles to suit most homes.

Use rainwater tanks to catch and consume water that would have otherwise run down the stormwater drain. Rainwater tanks help to reduce stormwater damage to creeks; the amount of mains water taken from natural waterways; and the amount of energy used in treating and pumping mains water. Select an appropriately sized pump for your tank to operate energy efficiently.

Watering with rainwater

  • You can use rainwater to water your garden at any time and however you like. Water restrictions don't usually apply to the rainwater you catch, but check with your local water supplier to be sure. Remember this does not apply if your rainwater tank is topped-up with mains water.
  • Using rainwater instead of mains water will reduce your water volume charges on your water bill.
  • Remember rainwater is not recommended for drinking if mains drinking water is available

You can connect rainwater tanks to toilets and laundries!

Toilets and laundries use water all year round.

Garden watering is not required when it is raining and during winter gardens do not need a lot of watering.

Some businesses can also use rainwater for toilets, laundries and even for some manufacturing processes.

Talk to a plumber about getting a rainwater tank and get the right advice about options and costs.

Smart rainwater

Look for the Smart Approved WaterMark logo on a product website or packaging so you know that the product you are buying is water efficient, durable, fit for purpose and environmentally sustainable. Products endorsed by the Smart Approved WaterMark have been reviewed by a credible, robust Independent Expert Panel.


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