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Save Water Pool

Swimming pools and spas use lots of water, but if they are protected from evaporation and swimmers don’t splash water outside the pool, they don't have to be wasteful. There are many effective ways to save water in your pool or spa.

Water saving tips

  • When your pool is not being used, cover it with a pool blanket or cover to stop water evaporating.

  • Build a sail or shade cloth over your pool to reduce evaporation and protect swimmers from the sun.

  • Landscaping around your pool with walls and hedges shelters it from the wind and reduces water loss caused by wind-assisted evaporation.

  • If you have a rainwater tank, use tank water to top up your pool instead of town water.

  • If you don’t have a tank, a rainwater diverter can be attached to a downpipe to divert water from your roof into your pool when it rains. In large downpours, you will need to monitor the water level in your pool so that it does not overflow. You should consult a plumber about stormwater diversion.

  • Install a cartridge filter if you are installing a new pool or replacing the filter. Unlike sand filters, these don’t need backwashing, which uses more water.

  • Backwash only when necessary.

  • Encourage pool users to keep water in the pool. Discourage them from bombing or continually getting out and jumping back into the pool.

  • After swimming, drip dry on the top step so that water goes back into the pool.


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