Level 1 water restrictions

Who do restrictions apply to?

Water restrictions apply to all water users who use water sourced from Central Coast Council’s water supply. This includes rainwater tanks in urban areas. 

Can I wash my car, boat, truck, bus or caravan?

Yes, you may wash any road vehicle or boat using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or a bucket or a low-volume high pressure cleaner at any time on any day. Where possible, wash your vehicle on the grass.

What is a trigger nozzle?

A trigger nozzle automatically shuts off water flow from a hose unless pressure is maintained by hand on a trigger on the nozzle.

What is a high pressure, low volume water cleaner?

A high pressure, low volume water cleaner is a device (fitted with a trigger nozzle) that forces water bat high pressure through the trigger nozzle at a flow rate of less than nine litres per minute.

Can I fill or refill my pool?

Yes, at any time of day.

If I have a rainwater tank or use irrigation bores, do restrictions still apply?

Restrictions apply to rainwater used from tanks, if the tank is connected to a home’s internal plumbing or topped up by the Council’s drinking water supply. If in doubt about the source of the water in your tank, please abide by water restrictions. 

Bore water and water extracted from rivers is excluded. Some government restrictions do apply, so always check with your local council and/or the NSW Office of Water. 

Am I allowed to wash my house down?

You can wash building structures, windows, walls, gutters and roofing using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or with a high pressure, low volume water cleaner any time of day.

Am I allowed to clean my garbage bin at any time?

Cleaning your garbage bins is allowed, provided you are using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle. Do this on the grass whenever possible.

Can I use a high pressure cleaner to hose my driveways and paths?

Driveways, paths and paved areas may be cleaned using a high pressure cleaner in limited circumstances.  


Examples include: 

  •  Construction 

    • preparing a surface for painting or resealing 

    • cleaning surfaces before the sale or lease of a property 

    • rinsing surfaces after construction provided the area is initially cleaned using a shovel and broom. 

  • Health 

    • cleaning the BBQ or outdoor food preparation areas 

    • cleaning spilt food or drink 

    • cleaning after accidents 

    • cleaning animal droppings 

    • cleaning areas affected by sewer overflows 

  • Safety 

    • Removing a build-up of mould or moss 

  • Surface discoloration 

  •  Removing graffiti 

  •  Removing oil stains 

  •  Removing a build-up of rust

Can I use my outdoor shower at any time?

Yes. Central Coast Council encourages you to use a water efficient showerhead where possible.

Can I wash my pet outside?

Yes, you may wash your pet using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or a bucket at any time on any day.

I have just put in a new garden, do I have the same exception as a new lawn to get it established?

Yes. You may use sprinklers and watering systems to establish new lawns or gardens as needed for 14 days from the date of installation. After 14 days, sprinklers and watering systems may only be used before 10am and after 4pm.

If I have a water feature or fountain in my garden can I still run it at any time?

Yes, providing it recirculates the water.

Is drip irrigation allowed?

You can use a drip irrigation system before 10am and after 4pm.

A drip irrigation system is a pipe or hose with special drip devices that release water slowly, in drips, at ground level near the plant roots.

If we have lots of rain will restrictions still apply?

Yes, conserving water through simple actions means more water remains in our storages so we are better placed if we go into a drought. Just because it is raining around you does not necessarily mean it is raining in our catchment areas.

My business is water-reliant. What do the changes mean for me?

Businesses which use more than 3.5ML per year must prepare and implement a Water Management Plan. Contact Central Coast Council for assistance with this. All businesses can use hand held hoses fitted with trigger nozzles, sprinklers or other watering systems before 10am and after 4pm. This includes commercial nurseries, market gardeners, commercial growers, landscapers, mobile garden contractors and persons responsible for the maintenance of community gardens, bowling greens, cricket wickets, golf tees and greens, croquet, hockey, tennis and racing surfaces.

Do restrictions apply when fighting a fire or testing fire systems?

Water used for firefighting or testing fire systems can be used at any time.


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