Save Water Greywater


Save Water Greywater

All the water that comes out of the tap is top quality drinking water, but not all of the activities that we use water for around the house need drinkable water. Greywater is the used water from the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. It doesn’t include water from the kitchen sink or from toilets.

Using greywater

  • Do not store greywater - use it immediately for its purpose.
  • Apply greywater to the garden below ground or at least under mulch.
  • Use the vegetable rinse water first, then bath and shower water, then laundry rinse water and laundry wash water last.
  • Using greywater for flushing toilets or on your garden is a great idea, but be sure to seek professional advice in doing so as it may contain disease causing organisms.
  • The phosphates in most soaps will not be appreciated by your native plants, but the lawn usually loves them!
  • A little seaweed solution added in with greywater can act as a gentle fertilizer.

Smart greywater

Look for the Smart Approved WaterMark logo on a product website or packaging so you know that the product you are buying is water efficient, durable, fit for purpose and environmentally sustainable. Products endorsed by the Smart Approved WaterMark have been reviewed by a credible, robust Independent Expert Panel.


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