Save Water Greywater


Save Water Greywater

The average household creates about 400 litres of greywater from showers, baths, taps and washing machines every day. 

By capturing and re-using some of that water outdoors, each household could save up to 30,000 litres of drinking water every year.  

There’s lots of reasons to use greywater: 

  • Save money on your water bills.  

  • Reduce sewage required for treatment.  

  • Irrigate your garden during drought periods.  

Greywater is exempt from Water Wise Rules and restrictions. It can be used any time to water lawns and gardens. However, it’s best to avoid watering in the middle of the day when evaporation is high. 

Water saving tips

  • Use a container to collect water while waiting for the shower or tap to get hot.
  • Use a bucket in the shower to catch water that runs off as you shower.
  • Bucket used bathwater onto the garden or use it to wash your car.
  • Use eco-friendly soaps and detergents in baths and the laundry so it won’t harm garden plants.
  • When you clean your fish tank, use the ‘old’ nitrogen and phosphorous-rich water on your plants.
  • Wash your vegetables in a container of water and use the water in the garden.

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