National Water Week

National Water Week

We’re making a big splash this National Water Week (19-25 October) and have heaps of fun activities to help you learn about our water system and discover ways you can help to secure our ongoing water supply!

Check out one of our webinars, play our Working with Water game, check out Dr Hydro and his magical water tricks, discover how much water your family uses each day, find the best plants for your garden, tap into our small business water saving program or learn new tips on how you can save water around your home and lower your water bill!

Here’s a few of the fun things we’ve got on offer …

Working with Water online game

Can you keep the Coast supplied with drinking water through flood, fire, drought?

Quench the thirst of our growing population with the Working with Water game.

It’s hours of Sim-city style fun as you battle to keep the water flowing despite natural disasters, equipment failures, busy tourist seasons, property booms and more.

Play now!

The Water Game

Introducing DR HYDRO!

Kids, have you met Dr Hydro?

Our crazy scientist, with a bit of help from his mate Whizzy the Water Drop, will tell you all about water, and throw in a bit of magic as well!

Watch their first video together

dr hydro

Webinar: Virtual Tour of Mardi Dam and Mardi Water Treatment Plant

Tues 20/10, 11:00 -11:45am

Join us on an interactive and immersive virtual tour of Mardi Dam and Mardi Water Treatment Facility!

Learn about the importance of our water resources and have the opportunity to ask one of our experienced Operations staff questions about how the system is managed and operated.

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an illustrated view of the water treatment plant

DIY tank maintenance!

Non-maintained tanks which supply water for your toilet and laundry use could be drawing most of their water from the town water supply instead of your tank and increasing your water bills, without you realising.

Use our DIY guide to give your tank a service and ensure you have high quality rainwater flowing into your tank and saving you money.

Grab the guide here

man using rainwater tank

Webinar: Waterwise gardening wicking beds

Wed 21/10, 12-1pm

Celebrate National Water Week by learning how to make a simple water efficient wicking garden bed.

Learn everything you need to know about - what they are, why they are ideal for our hot summers, how to make one and how to maintain them.

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a woman leaning over to tend to a garden

Blue House - interactive water saving

Explore the Blue House and discover how many different ways we can save water throughout our homes.

Explore now

Screenshot from the blue house educational game

Small Business Water Education Program

Running a small business and keen to lower your costs?

Tap into our water audit program where we’ll help you reduce both your water and trade waste bills by identifying unnecessary waste and showing you new ways to use water efficiently.

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man looking at taps

Webinar: Waterwise gardening

Sat 24/10, 9:30-11am

Celebrate National Water Week and learn how to make your garden bountiful and waterwise in our free webinar!

Learn about simple techniques, tools and gardening systems that will minimise water use and loss in your garden this summer.

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a woman watering her garden

Self guided virtual water tour

Explore our new immersive, interactive 360 degree virtual reality experience.

Go behind-the-scenes  on a tour of Mardi Dam and our Water Treatment Plant to discover the processes that provide the Central Coast with clean, safe drinking water.

Best viewed through virtual reality glasses but can also be viewed from any device with the Google Chrome internet browser.

Start your tour now

a screenshot of the water tour

Water stories for kids

We’ve got some great online video stories for Children to enjoy the National Water Week.

Check out these very special water stories:

Story of a raindrop

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